What am I doing now?

This is a now page inspired by Derek Sivers' and Guy Spiers'

~ I've come back to UK from India and am currently recovering from back pain and sciatica. Thank you for your good thoughts. ~

What I'm currently interested in learning?

If you think you can help me learn something, please do contact me.


I'm currently working on a theory of injury state from homeostatic perspective, hoping to help understand transition from acute to chronic pain.

I've completed the data collection for my first virtual reality experiment with pain stimulation and wireless EEG recording, you got to play around with a few virtual jellyfish, it was quite fun! and I'm now working towards taking this theory+experimental project to completion.

My theoretical excursions include struggles with reconciling reinforcement learning and active inference frameworks. I've also been catching up on work by Uchida Lab on threat learning in the tail of the striatum of mice and presented to Dr Guangyu Robert Yang's group. I also presented a body of my ongoing work at the larger pain group meetings at NDCN, Oxford.

I was very fortunate to present my ongoing work on the safety-efficiency dilemma at Cosyne 2022 and I hope to attend CCN in Oxford in August 2023.


Currently reading -

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I got a wacom tablet and getting used to it now. I attempted an artwork based off SpyxFamily, which you can see here. 

I also played a cricket match against Cambridge Neuro team last year, they won! It was very well engineered - thanks to Sybil and Simon Rinaldi. Jesus College at Cam is also beautiful to stay at, however the horse statue in the middle of the courtyard is kinda odd.


My current exercise routine designed by Josh (I try to do 4-5 times a week, every morning). Also have been journalling my habits, many thanks to him.