About me

What do I do?

Research: I'm currently focusing on pain and aversive (safe) learning in context of decision-making but am interested in all sorts of interesting behaviour shown by humans and other animals. I employ emerging technologies such as virtual reality into my experiments and ideas from machine learning to build computational models of animal cognition. I then try to translate these computational models to algorithmic ones, working towards neuro-inspired robot learning. I truly believe in a symbiotic relationship between natural and artificial intelligence and am optimistic about how research in one field can guide the progress in the other. My background is in electronics engineering (at BITS Goa) and scalable deep learning (at Nvidia).

In my free time, I enjoy fiddling around creating digital art, listening to music, reading books (usually non-fiction but ocassionally fiction), watching anime and reading manga and swimming or playing cricket. I seem to have taken a recent interest in learning about value investing.



2021 - Now

DPhil Clinical Neurosciences

University of Oxford

2017  - 2021

B.E. Electronics and Communications Engineering

BITS Pilani, Goa Campus

The rest of this page is a self-indulgent piece of writing with no target audience in mind. 

So I've decided to pen down a mini-auto-biography/timeline for context and because why not, this might be all that's left of me one day.

1999: Born, very grateful to my parents for raising me.

2012: Started getting better and formal training in mathematics (math olympiads) and sciences from first principles approach

2014: Created and published my first video game 

2017: Started my undergraduate in engineering in Goa. Proceeded to spend three to four of the best years of my life at Goa.

2021: Started my DPhil in pain neuroscience at Oxford. I enjoy my work, most of it doesn't feel like work. 

2022: Have made a VR experiment using a game engine. Life has indeed come around a full circle (~7 years life cycles).

2022: Met Mitski Mori <3 and have been together since.

2023: Tried to help in a medical emergency and ended up hurting my back. What followed was terrible months of persistent back and leg pain (sciatica and worse).  Life sure loves irony, though on the positive I couldn't have been in any better position to work on pain.